About us… and what does VB Mean?

Hi all – this is my first post on the VB (I’ll come to that in a bit…) Race Club blog page! I am an ex International swimmer, turned school teacher, turned swim coach (back to my passion) and currently undergoing a 9 month Strength and Conditioning mentorship under the tutelage of Brendan Chaplin MSc (www.brendanchaplin.co.uk – http://www.strengthandconditioningmentorship.com). In this blog I hope to share my experiences as a dilettante S&C coach and the pursuit of developing a grass roots to senior performance approach to physical development, as well as musings on my own swim training philosophies (Its all about the pace, ’bout the pace, no threshold), current practice regimes and thoughts on hot topics and areas of interest such as USRPT (Ultra Short Race Pace Training) and more general HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I hope you enjoy, please comment below and join in the discussion…


“What does VB mean?”

This was an email response I received from an athlete after sending him a practice tagline… “Be Strong….Be Fast…..Be VB!” Fair enough I guess – this is an athlete who lives about 300 miles away and I coach remotely – he wasn’t around when the swim club that I as coach started nearly 3 years ago was born. He missed the search for a team mascot – such as panthers or sharks (both been done to death – apols to all panthers and sharks fans) – and the subsequent Beasts Of Bristol cats (or BOBcats as it was coined) call. He, unlike my swimmers, was probably unaware of my fascination and study of most things Viking and my claim to actually be descended from them (why not? Im from the North originally…) Certainly my assertion therefore that our mascot had to incorporate those Pagan Northmen in some way… And I bet he didn’t see the birthday card that my swimmers made for me a couple of years ago that showed a cartoon BOBcat wearing a Viking swimming hat (you probably get where this is going now…) And so the United Bristol Swimming Club (UBSC) VikingBobcats were born! I coach them proudly and they strive everyday to Be Fast, to Be Strong and to Be VB! Cheesy but I like it…..


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